NCNG - Carrollton, TX
North Carrollton Networking Group
Begun in May 2008, this group is designed for North Carrollton area professionals who would like to meet other local business people and form meaningful personal and business referral relationships. We meet each Monday from 11:45-1:15 at Picasso's, which is located at 18160 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX.  

The NCNG Board of Directors is comprised of Babs Troutman, John Heusinkveld, Ralph Checri, JB Owen, and Michael Willbanks.  All questions or concerns may be directed to any one of the BOD members.

This group is "industry exclusive", meaning those who fulfill the requirements necessary to lock in their position will not have to compete with new guests from within their field of expertise.  Please note the slots that have been locked on our Members page.  If you own a business in the North Carrollton area and would like to do more business with people you know, like, and trust, we'd love to have you join us for one of our weekly meetings.

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